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It’s easy as a new poker player to eat up the starting hand myth hook line and sinker – that’s because it’s so believable. It also doesn’t help to see poker pro’s play crazy hands on TV, have random nutcracks play almost anything online and have super-newbies unwittingly playing the worst cards… and winning.

The Myth About The Best Start Hands In Hold Em

One of the biggest myths in Texas Hold Em poker is that you can play weak and win. This myth is most often propelled by season poker players, loose aggressive players and other happy-go-lucky-cowboys Online betting malaysia.

The fact is that for an average player, playing only solid starting hands is the best way to win. Most players don’t have the experience to be able to win with weaker starting hands.

Play The Best Starting Hands In Any Texas Hold Em Game

The fact of the matter is that if you want to win Hold Em quickly, easily and effortlessly you need to play solid starting hands. This is commonly known as playing tight.

Playing tight exponentially increases your chances of winning. You stack the odds in your favor and that’s why it is far easier to win when you play great.

Be Careful How Your Starting Hands End Up Completing On The Flop

No matter how great you have it isn’t necessarily good until it matches the flop. The better hands you play from the start the better chance you have of hitting the flop, but it’s not a sure thing.

You shouldn’t play past the flop without a solid hand. That’s one mistake new players make – they think a great starting hand, like pocket aces, makes them invincible. Unless you are progressively making you total hand better and better you are going to be left behind and lose.

Now that you have learnt the truth behind the Texas Hold Em Poker starting hand myth and know the basics as to which hands you should be playing, I’m sure you’re realizing how valuable this article has been to you.

As you become more aware of how useful and helpful reading new information about Hold Em and learning how to play poker better you’ll experience a feeling of intense curiosity and excitement and want to continue to get your hands on new information about poker.

Because every time you take action to learn more about poker you will become a better poker player, and every time you do not you will become a worse poker player.